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ChengYi elementary school

The challenges

ChengYi elementary school is the biggest and the most representative in the region. More than 1200 students and teachers in 20,487 square meter area, basement of school is a public parking lot, thus school was looking for the most effective solution to improve their CCTV system which was built 10 years ago. School was not allowed installation job in day time, so the challenge for this job is time and total ownership cost. Primocase provided coaxial cable to digital converter, the converter transmitter carry 40 pcs IP cameras data over 1 kilometers distance, so installer set up poe switch station close to cameras and use converter and existing coaxial cable as network backbone, the solution save about 70% cabling job, and new IP cameras are using Starlight grade Sony sensor, video performance are aggressive either day time and night vision.

Project description