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Global Mall

The challenges

Introduction Global Mall is one of the best shopping mall from Taiwan, 8 shopping malls in total today and expanding to south Asia and China market. The shopping mall has modern design and wide activity area, they want to monitor every corner in the mall. Therefore, Primocase provides a comprehensive shopping mall video surveillance program, aimed guest safety and public safety, is also responsible for the entire resort area 24 hours day and night monitoring. Solution In the wide activity area, Primocase installed super low lux IP cameras with abandon object function, audio detection function, video intrusion, face detection and people counting that help operator narrow down during playback video. The system has the best efficient playback method and operators save 90% of time to find out the key moment, the camera is not only with smart analytic function, and using top grade components it output brilliant video quality. In the open-air bar and other crowded areas. As every room and corridor, we use the IP Camera Dome and mini bullet type with 90 degree corridor view on NVR for the best efficiency.

Project description

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